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Pregnancy dreams: silly entertainment or a crystal ball to the future?

Flickr user yorkjason. CC Licensed.

I had a birth dream the other night and it left me full of excitement as I’d been waiting for a dream just like this for several months. When I was pregnant with Poppy, I had just one that I remembered and all I really learned from it was that she was a girl. Of course, at the time, I didn’t put much weight in it, but then it turned out that she was, in fact, a girl and I started to have a little faith in my intuition. This time, I again learned the sex of the baby, but until s/he arrives, I’m not sharing. Partly because I don’t want to admit it publicly if I’m wrong and partly because I don’t want you to know the baby’s sex ahead of time if it turns out that I’m right ;)

My dream was notable for two others things that happened in it, as well. First, I had a precipitous labor and birth. So precipitous that neither midwife made it, in fact. I was at home with my husband and toddler daughter and little Boo just came easing out into the world without much of an issue. In the dream, I knew that the midwives were en route, so I didn’t panic (they both live just a few minutes away by car, thankfully). Oddly, this dream didn’t scare me at all (as the idea of a labor that quick generally does), but left me feeling reassured and surprisingly at peace. I don’t know if this is just my mind telling me, “Hey, whatever happens, you’ll be fine,” or more, “This time is gonna be so much easier!” Either way, I’ll take it.

The second notable point, however, was less positive though far less significant. When Boo came out and we all settled onto the floor together to start getting acquainted, I checked his/her sex and immediately started to panic because our frontrunner name was all wrong and I was worried that my husband was going to blurt it out and we’d be stuck with it. Forever. I woke up shortly after this in a bit of a panic, wondering if that was going to really happen in a couple of weeks or if my mind was just messing with me. Was the dream revealing some subconscious dislike of the names we’re considering?

I talked to my husband about it later – even though it felt like a pretty silly thing to stress over – and he responded in just the right way. “Maybe the dream was telling us to rethink the names. I love the frontrunner, but if your gut says no after the baby arrives, we’ll go with it. No need to stress!” He’s really good at handling my pregnancy crazy by this point and I am oh so grateful.

I doubt that I’ll have any more revealing dreams from this point on as this one pretty much covered the most important points, but I guess time will tell. Now I just have to be patient while I wait to see what bits of it will come true – or not.

Did you have any vivid or revealing dreams during your pregnancy? Did you trust them in the moment or doubt them until they were later proven true or false?

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