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Is that a watermelon in your pelvis or are you just happy to see me?

Flickr user La Grande Farmers' Market. CC Licensed.

At each of my prenatal appointments, I sit down with my midwives, chat for a while over a hot cup of tea, then join them in the exam room for a few minutes so we can check in on Boo. During the clinical part of the visits, they listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler, take my blood pressure, then lay their hands on my belly to see what s/he is up to in terms of growth and positioning.

So far, my fundal height has been measuring right on target, which is always reassuring, but Boo’s positioning has been all over the place. This is fine as I’m just 31 weeks now and it’s only in the final weeks that position is of any real concern, but I’ve still been wondering and waiting for this kid to settle into some sort of desirable position and stay there. Namely head down and anterior.

At my most recent appointment, as my midwife pushed around on my belly, she gave me good news. “There you go. There’s the head – down here now, right where it should be.” I sighed in relief. “And it’s… pretty low… huh. He probably won’t be moving out of this position now. That’s great!”

I agreed. It is great! I’ve been dying to hear Boo is hanging out where s/he should be, but one thing in what she said stuck out to me. That “pretty low” part. Before that visit, I’d been feeling pretty great. A little achy here and there, but all in all, fantastic. After that visit, I felt like I had a bowling ball wedged in my pelvis.

Behold, the power of suggestion. Yikes.

More likely, the baby had been making its way down there already and being a second-timer well into my third trimester, it’s not unheard of to start feeling that wedged feeling right around now. But, still. Damn. Pregnancy waddle, here I come.

Since that visit a week ago, I feel like Boo is just getting lower and lower. Every day, I wake up a little frumpier feeling. Getting down to floor to play with the toddler and back up again is getting more challenging. And the urge to pee is pretty much constant at this point. Dare I say relentless?

I mean, today – on what must have been my 5,465th trip to the bathroom – I actually considered ordering a Stadium Gal to get me through to February. How’s that for desperate?

Really, things are still lovely and I’m glad to know my little one is where s/he should be, even if that place is a bit physically uncomfortable. But as the weeks of my third trimester slowly tick by one-by-one, I can say with confidence that I am looking forward to February and the next phase of this adventure together.

Now please excuse me. I need to use the restroom. Again.


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