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Who knew I’d become a supplement junkie?

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I’ve never been much of a vitamin taker. I’ve always had good intentions, but really, I’m a world class procrastinator at heart so far too many of my good intentions get permanently filed away in the “I’ll do it tomorrow” file, rarely to be heard from again.

That inclination, combined with reports that multivitamins may not ultimately be useful – especially for people with good, well-rounded diets already – has just given me further excuse to not bother.

But now, during this pregnancy, I find myself popping about 10 different pills every night. And seeing clear, positive results.

This cynic has become a believer.

At the beginning, it was just a prenatal vitamin. Every pregnant woman is encouraged to take them, so as soon as I got the positive pregnancy test, I dutifully bought a new bottle and worked it back into my daily routine.

Then my midwife tested my vitamin D levels as part of a routine blood draw at the start of my second trimester and while the results weren’t abysmal, they certainly could’ve been better. So I stopped at the local food co-op and picked up some supplements. And tossed a bottle of fish oil and some probiotics in my basket as well, for good measure.

A few weeks later, I had a cold sore outbreak on my lip. Then another as soon as that one healed. And when I started to feel the tingling of a third ($#&$!), I called my midwife. Then went back to the local co-op for a bottle of lysine. Repeat the above scenario for the world’s worst Charley Horse and a bottle of Calcium Magnesium found its way to my kitchen counter as well.

Initially, I felt silly popping all these pills each night. But then my cold sore outbreaks stopped dead in their tracks and at my next blood draw, my vitamin D levels had soared to optimal levels. And I haven’t had a single Charley Horse – or even small leg cramp – in the 8 weeks since I started taking Calcium Magnesium.

I call all of that a big WIN.

Now it’s time to tackle the insane acid reflux that has been plaguing me for the last several weeks. I’m out of my stock of Tums at the moment, and I have to pop them like candy throughout the day just to keep the reflux at bay, so I’m going to try some apple cider vinegar tonight and swing by the food co-op yet again tomorrow for a bottle of papaya enzymes.

Here’s to hoping these new additions have as much of a positive impact as everything else has. And here's to hoping I can find room on my counter for them somewhere. Space is getting tight :)

[This should go without saying, but just in case – always check with your care provider before starting or stopping any medications or supplements, especially when pregnant. This is just a telling of my own personal experience and isn’t intended as medical advice of any sort. Thanks, all.]

Did you take any vitamins or supplements during your pregnancy? Are there any you found particularly useful (or useless)?


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