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Will I have to break up with sweets? I hope not!

Flickr user joanet. CC Licensed.

I have my glucose tolerance test this morning, or in layman’s terms, we’ll check to see if I have gestational diabetes.

I’m not particularly looking forward to it as it requires that I skip breakfast, drink 10 ounces of a sugary substance on an empty stomach, then get a blood draw an hour after that, but it could be worse. I could be stuck drinking the dreaded Glucola that most have to choke down, but will instead drink a bottle of grape juice, as prescribed by my midwife. It’s the little things.

The last time I was pregnant, I passed the test without issue and though I have little reason to think the same won’t happen this time, I can’t help but be nervous. I have a family history of diabetes on my mother’s side, so it’s always there, nagging in the back of my brain.

If the test surprises me and comes back positive, I’ll likely go in for the longer test to rule out a false positive the first time around. And if that comes back positive, I suppose I’ll have some dietary changes to make. Though my consumption of sweets and sugars is far less than it was during my first pregnancy (when I regularly had ice cream for dinner yet still wondered how I could’ve possibly gained +45 lbs…), I don’t really hold back on my cravings when they hit. I’m just lucky that this baby seems more interested in fresh fruits and vegetables than the Oreos my daughter demanded in utero.

Wish me luck!

Did you choose to do the gestational diabetes screen during your pregnancy? Why or why not? If diagnosed, did you find the necessary dietary changes harder than expected?


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