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An anniversary of sorts: 10 years ago today....

Today is the 10-year anniversary of my first date with Nick. (Yes, I remember these things....) We were in college—at The University of Tennessee—and met through Nick’s friend, Rory.


At my UT graduation with Nick. Could we look any younger?!

I first saw Nick when I went to Rory’s house to work on a project for our screenplay writing class (I remember thinking Nick was really handsome and a great dresser). About a week later—on September 21, 1999—he casually asked me to go to a 311 concert at a little bar on campus. He had an extra ticket, nothing serious. I was 21 and he was 20 (I had to buy him beer because he got one of those big black Xs on his hand). It was just a crazy night in Knoxville but I think we both pretty much knew that we would be together forever. I actually remember my stomach doing a little flip-flop when he grabbed my hand to pull me closer to the stage….

This is us right after I was diagnosed, in 2001--we still look so young!

Of course it hasn’t been an easy 10 years. We were young and had a lot to learn about each other. We spent a year dating long distance because I graduated first. And then there was my cancer diagnosis. And my sister’s diagnosis. And other family tragedies. And now, the suburbs and a house and, perhaps the biggest test of all, children. One rambunctious two year old and one on the way. Boy have things changed in a decade! But I couldn’t have hoped for them to turn out any other way. And as hard as it all gets sometimes, I always know I will survive because I have Nick. As I texted to him on Saturday (I had taken Alex to a maritime festival out east with my sisters and mom and spent the day chasing him around and begging him to behave/stop hitting his cousins): “Thank God we have each other because I could not do this alone. Any of it.”


On our wedding day...I couldn't resist including this one!


I just thought I’d share since this is what I’m thinking about today. It’s nice to be able to look back and see how far we’ve come. And to acknowledge that even though Nick and I want to kill each other sometimes, we are very lucky indeed. We’re going to go out tonight to celebrate. A nice dinner and maybe a movie. Or shopping (I desperately want a new lamp for my living room—sexy, I know) and then dinner. Alex is sleeping at my parents’ house so we may even stay out past 10. If I don’t get too tired…. Hope you all have a great day!