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4-D Ultrasounds

Jon Whittle

24w5d- I just scheduled our 4-D ultrasound for February 24. I can’t wait. They suggest that you do it between 25 and 32 weeks, when the baby has chubbed up a little but isn’t too big to fit on screen. I’m making myself wait until 28 weeks (OK, well, actually it’s 27 weeks 5 days, but that’s close enough!). The anticipation is killing me!

My husband calls me a gun-jumper. I’m always so anxious to do things. One might even call me a little impatient. I call it excited. (I’d be a terrible farmer because I’d pick all the fruit and veggies before they were ripe.) But can you really blame me here? I’m not talking about spontaneously wanting to re-do the bathroom and running to Home Depot for a deep guacamole green paint (which I’ve done before). I’m talking about getting to see my daughter’s face! Trump card. You just can’t argue with that. 

At 28 weeks, her face has been fully formed for some time and she should have a little bit of that all-important (and scrumptious) baby fat. Apparently before they get that layer of fat, they’re translucent. And seeing that would freak me out. 

Mixed in with all my excitement, however, is a little bit of nervousness. I’ve seen some 4-D ultrasound images before and, well, sometimes they look a little bit like aliens. I hope it doesn’t freak me out. Am I tempting fate too much by taking a sneak peek? Is this like trying to open your Christmas presents before Christmas? 

A lot of people say that they didn’t get the 4-D ultrasound because they didn’t want to ruin the surprise. My take? Having a baby is a surprise. An ultrasound picture can’t tell you what her personality will be, what she’ll like, what she won’t like, what she will grow up to be, what she’ll sound like, etc. 

I say, getting a VIP glimpse 12 weeks early is a reward for 40 weeks of selflessness. For 40 weeks of anxiety, tiredness, dry skin, a gurgling stomach and headaches with no Advil... All while remaining stone-cold sober. And, for a lifetime of child-rearing to come. I’m taking the sneak peek. And I’m going to capture it on video so I can watch it over and over and over and over… I hope this 4-D ultrasound will be a fun event for my husband and me, and above all, be a great keepsake to one day show our daughter. This is what you looked like in the womb! I wish I had that from when I was cooking in my mom’s stomach.

Bring on February 24th!