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An All-Time Low in Fashion

Ashley Fraxedas

29w4d- Yesterday, I hit an all-time low in the wardrobe department. I wore gray yoga pants, a Gator baseball T-shirt that I’ve had for at least 8 years and ugly tennis shoes to work. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but it was all I could muster. 

I used to be a morning person. I used to wake up, go for a run, make breakfast and get to work 30 minutes early with a smile on my face. Now, I hit snooze at least 10 times, moan and groan as I drag myself to the bathroom and barely make it out the door with clothes on. I think I’ve put my finger on it — I’m bad at transitions now that I’m pregnant. Once I’m up and at work, I’m fine. Once I’m at a friend’s birthday dinner, I’m fine. It’s just getting everything going and together that is a pain-staking process. 

Maybe this is another way pregnancy prepares you for a baby. When my daughter is born, no longer will I be able to just run out of the house without much thought. I’ll have to slow down and run through the checklist — Diapers? Jacket? Bottle? Pacifier? Toys? Favorite blanket? And so on. The days of bragging how I can get ready in less than 6 minutes are gone. Oh well. 

I’m also mad at maternity clothes. I haven’t bought very much, just a pair of jeans and a few tops. At first, they were super comfortable. But now that I’m just about 30 weeks, it’s almost like I have to go out and buy a whole other round of them! And I refuse to do that. So yoga pants it is! 

Yesterday, well that was just poor effort. My job allows me to dress very informally (read: jeans and flip flops!). But I took it to a whole new level. Sorry, coworkers. 

But man was I comfortable! No itchy maternity band driving my stomach crazy all day. No jeans digging into the lowest part of my belly. No worrying all day if I’m crushing my poor daughter with uncomfortable jeans. It was glorious! And it could have been worse. What I really wanted to wear was my husband’s ridiculously soft wakeboarding tournament T-shirt from 1999 and my pajama pants. 

I was bound and determined to make up for it today. “Maybe I’ll even bust out my heels!” I thought. Nope. Today, I’m wearing a hat. But I did put in pearl earrings… Does that count for anything? 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear a dress… Yeah, that will make up for it… 

What did you do about third trimester clothes?