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And Her Name Is...

Ashley Fraxedas

31w5d- I’m so excited to announce that we’re naming our daughter… Abby Kaitlyn! 

We love it! I’m not sure how we came up with Abby, but we’ve been using this name for at least a few months at home to see if it stuck. Finding the first name was pretty easy, actually. We tried a few others (Riley was a close second), but Abby just feels right. Sporty and cute. And it definitely softens our last name. We also love the meaning: A Father’s Joy. I can’t wait to see my husband holding our daughter for the first time! 

The middle name, on the other hand, did not come easily. We just decided on it a week or so ago. My middle name is Lynn, so we liked that it had that in there. Plus, my mom, sister and I all have the initials AK (well, those were my initials until I got married). So I love that my daughter will be AKF. I can picture it: Abby, Amy, Amanda and Ashley all in the car together, biddy bopping around town (as my grandma would say). 

We just announced Abby’s name to our family and friends at my baby shower last weekend. Everyone seemed to love it (although I’m not sure they would say otherwise). Above all, hopefully Abby will love it. 

What do you think? Do you like the name we chose?