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Belly Obsessed

Ashley Fraxedas

24w3d- This is how you’ll find me most days. Head down, staring at my belly. I’m obsessed. 

She’s moving around like crazy, and now I can actually see my belly moving. I find it so endearing and hilarious. I don’t even need a TV anymore. I just watch my belly all night. I can only imagine what she’s feeling in there… 

“Man it’s getting cramped in here! What’s a girl gotta do to get a little more leg room?!”

“I’ll get you for eating that spicy salsa! Take that! And that!”

“Look! I have control of these legs! And arms!” 

I wasn’t sure how I’d react to feeling something kick my insides. But I have to say, it’s my absolute favorite part of pregnancy. She’s constantly reminding me that she’s in there. That she’s happy. That she’s thriving and growing. Every time I feel her kick or move, it makes me giggle. I seriously felt her do a somersault a few weeks ago. It was weird. But awesome. 

People always say that they can’t remember life before kids. I’m getting a small taste of that right now. I can’t imagine not feeling these kicks (or sleeping on my stomach, for that matter). I feel like I know her schedule and a little of her personality now. For example, when we’re in a crowded, loud room, she gets very calm and still. But when I’m home and she can hear my husband and me talking, she goes crazy! 

I really look forward to the weeks ahead when I start seeing hands and feet trying to poke out of my belly. I want to give my daughter a high five and tickle her feet :) 

Did you become belly obsessed? Did you like feeling all those kicks and movements?