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The Day I Pretended I Wasn't Pregnant

Ashley Fraxedas

29w1d- My husband’s birthday was this past Saturday. We always try to make birthdays special. But since this was his last birthday in his roaring 20s and because he has seriously been the greatest partner I could ever imagine throughout my pregnancy, I wanted to make it extra special. So I planned the day as if I wasn’t pregnant, and boy did I pay for it later. It’s pretty hilarious actually. I’m glad I’m going to have written record of this.

Before getting pregnant, Jason and I used to wake up most Saturday mornings and run about 2.5 miles to breakfast. There’s this really cute stretch of restaurants and shops close to our house, including an amazing French bakery. We’d split a ham, egg and cheese croissant sandwich, a large coffee and then walk home listening to Pandora on my iPhone. It started the weekend out on such a positive note. This is definitely one of the things we miss most now that I’m pregnant and not supposed to get my heart rate above 140. So, for Jason’s birthday, I had the genius idea to ride bikes up to breakfast in an attempt to recreate our old tradition. And, to be completely honest, my parents have an electric bike that they loaned me, so there was little to no effort needed on my part. (Although, I failed to factor in just how bouncy many of the roads are around here! Brick roads are not a pregnant woman’s friend!) It was a great morning, and Jason loved it. So far, so good. 

Next up: golf. Jason is obsessed with golf. And again, before I got pregnant, we used to go golfing together quite frequently. So, for his birthday, even thought I can’t play right now, I took him golfing. He played a great round while I played world’s worst caddy (I didn’t hold his bag). Stupidly, I wore a tank top in the Florida sun. (It was in the 80s and gorgeous). It was the first time my itchy, eczema skin had seen the light of day in months. So, of course, I got burnt. Badly. I also completely underestimated how much walking a golf course could take out of a pregnant woman. I mean, I’ve been walking and doing yoga regularly without ever feeling tired. But I guess the hours of fast walking and the intense sun was a little intense for me. I couldn’t believe how tired (and hungry!) I was by the end. I used to do this without breaking a sweat!

The birthday extravaganza continued with a sandwich and smoothie at Jason’s favorite lunch place (side note: adding lime to a smoothie makes it very refreshing!). And then, the final surprise of the day, I booked him a golf lesson at a local store. Again, he’s absolutely obsessed with golf. So, as he got hooked up to all these advanced machines and talked weight distribution and swing arcs with a golf pro, I sat on a chair in the corner and listened. Normally, I’d be trying to absorb the advice in a meager attempt to better my own game. But this time, well, I passed out. Sitting straight up in a freezing, uncomfortable room, with loud, intense noises, I fell dead asleep. (Jason later told me that he had a feeling I was asleep because I normally don’t stay quiet that long. But he lovingly diverted attention away from me so the pro would’t catch my nap.)

On the way home, even though we had just had lunch, my stomach was growling. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hungry. I pulled into my favorite, overly indulgent Chinese restaurant for a post-lunch, pre-dinner snack of chicken lo mein. It was so delicious.

Once full, I proceeded to pass out again for another hour before dinner. I was burnt, exhausted and totally perplexed by why I felt this way. This was just a normal Saturday, right? We used to do this kind of stuff all the time.

I guess I was pretending that I wasn’t pregnant. I planned the day like I wasn’t growing a human, as Jason sweetly reminds me when I question an 8:30 bedtime or try to fight my ridiculous appetite. So much focus is on me. How am I feeling? How am I handling everything? For one day, I really wanted to completely focus on Jason and spend the entire day doing everything he wanted. I try every day to make sure I focus on him, at least for a little bit. But he deserves more than a little bit. I always knew he’d be a great support during my pregnancy, but he’s blown my expectations out of the water. So for one day, even if I got sun burnt and passed out twice, I think he got to do exactly what he wanted.

I get it third trimester. You’re here! I’ll never forget you again. Well, maybe not never :)

Where is the strangest place you fell asleep during your third trimester? Was there ever a time when you tried to pretend like you weren’t pregnant?