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Delivery Room Guest List

27w5d- Who will be in the delivery room when I give birth to my first child? 

Obviously, my husband. Obviously, my doctor and nurses. But after that, I just really don’t know yet. What about my mom? And my sister? I’d love to experience such a miracle with them by my side. But do I want to reserve that moment, THAT moment, for just me and my husband? 

The thought of childbirth used to freak me out so much. I could never watch those baby shows on TV. I didn’t really even like to watch the parts in movies when actresses were giving fake birth to fake newborns (who were always about 8 months old when they came out). I guess one of the reasons that I knew I was ready to be a mom was when I realized that I wasn’t freaked out by childbirth anymore. I was actually intrigued by it. Maybe even a little mesmerized. 

Now that I’m pregnant, I’m excited about childbirth. Sure, there’s gross stuff, scary stuff, unknown stuff. But it’s a means to an end. It’s a means to meet my daughter. I’m even getting a little competitive about it — I bet I can get this baby out in three pushes! 

I’ve always hated that women lose every bit of privacy when giving birth. So while my feelings toward childbirth have dramatically changed, I still want the experience to be private and respectful. I don’t want the door flinging open every 5 seconds. I don’t want just anyone coming in and out. Everyone always says that you could care less once you’re in labor. But privacy is my ideal situation. 

That said, no boys allowed. Other than Jason, of course. My dad and father-in-law can join the party right after they clean me up and give me a blanket. (Not that I think either of them would want to be in the room with me.) 

I’m having the hardest time deciding about my mom and sister. I’m extremely close with both of them and share everything with them. I know they wouldn’t be intrusive and would be an amazing support for me the entire time. But again, is this a moment reserved for just man and wife? I know Jason will not leave my side and will even make me laugh through the hard parts. Maybe my mom and sister can be there for part of it? Ah! How do I decide?! 

Am I going to disappoint my mom and sister if I don’t ask them to come in? Am I going to disappoint my husband if I want my mom or my mom and sister there? I know, I know. All parties involved will be very understanding and respectful of my decision. But this is a big deal. 

Maybe I should just charge admission. Or put Beyonce’s bodyguard outside the door. Or just leave the door open for everyone and their neighbors to come in. 

I’ve heard some doctors have very strong opinions about who’s in the delivery room. So here’s to hoping I don’t have to make this ridiculously hard decision :) 

Who was in the delivery room with you? How did you decide?