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Finally! The Cool Stuff!

Ashley Fraxedas

20w1d- Sorry, first trimester. But your older, wiser big sister is way cooler.

 Everyone always told me that the first trimester is the hardest: you’re keeping a life changing secret, you’re dramatically changing your lifestyle and you’re getting a crash course in, well, everything. Boy were they all right.

 Now that I’m comfortably into my second trimester, all of the cool stuff is starting to happen. And I couldn’t be more excited.

 A few weeks ago, I felt our little Nugget kick for the first time. My husband didn’t believe me at first, attributing the stomach churning to the rather indulgent meal we had just ingested. But the next morning, as he put his hand on my stomach to say goodbye before work, he felt a strong, definitive, athletic kick. I swear the baby was telling Jason not to doubt me :) Since then, I feel a few kicks every day and can sometimes feel what can only be described as the baby doing somersaults in my stomach. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

 I’ve also started to show. My baby bump was slow to come out and play, but I think people will finally know I’m pregnant just by looking at me. Hey look! I really am pregnant! It’s very validating to look on the outside like you feel in the inside, if that makes any sense. For so long, it seems like everything in your life is changing, but nothing is really changing. Having a bump makes everything real. (Plus, let’s face it… people are just nicer to pregnant ladies. Makes for a more pleasant shopping experience around the holidays when everyone holds the door for you.)

 My next post, I hope to be able to announce if I’m having a girl or boy! Another perk of being in the second trimester, you find out the gender. Let the nursery shopping commence. I should alert my credit card company now.

 Good riddance, first trimester. It was you. Not me.

 Which trimester was your favorite?