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I'm Buying Stock in Charmin

30w1d- It’s another one of pregnancy’s cruel, evil tricks. You require a ton more water during pregnancy but yet you have to pee at least 15 times more than normal. Combining the two? I may as well move my desk into the women’s restroom. 

Some stereotypes exist for a reason. And this one — the very pregnant woman uncomfortably waddling to the bathroom every 5 minutes — is spot on. Annoying? Absolutely. Comical? Maybe for the first few days. Not anymore. Now, I can’t sleep or work for long periods of time without being interrupted. We went through a gigantic pack of toilet paper from Costco in a matter of weeks. They usually last about 6 months. I got my hair cut yesterday and had to get up 3 times at the salon! Unbelievable! 

But like everything, there’s a reason to pregnancy’s madness. Our bodies become even more machine-like during this long, glorious-yet-daunting 40-ish weeks. It’s not just the pressure of the baby on your bladder either. Our kidneys and other organs become much more efficient during pregnancy to make sure we get rid of all the bad stuff really quickly. It’s pretty amazing when you stop and think about it. 

Amazing, but again, hang on… I’ll be right back. I have to pee.