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The Last Big Event Before the Big Event

Ashley Fraxedas

36w5d- Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve created little milestones to keep me going. If you look at the full 40 weeks as one big lump sum, it’s too daunting. (I’m going to be pregnant for almost the entire next year?!) So I’ve tried to look at it more in segments, creating little milestones in an attempt to keep me motivated from week-to-week. This week, my baby sister’s graduation from college, is my final milestone. I can’t believe it. 

The first milestone was finally getting to tell everyone that I was pregnant. That first trimester was definitely the hardest for many reasons, so finally getting to 13 weeks and getting to proclaim my pregnancy was a huge relief. Next, we vacationed in New York to see all the Christmas fanfare. We knew it was the last time we would fly anywhere for a while. Then there was a big one — our 20-week appointment to learn that little Nugget was a girl and growing healthfully. That milestone got me motivated for a long time. I’d even say it was the biggest and most anticipated event of my pregnancy (other than the birth, of course).  Next up was my birthday, Jason’s birthday, our anniversary, our baby showers and a few others mixed in along the way. 

All these events kept me focused on just a few weeks out, instead of May 20. In a 26-mile marathon, I tried to run just one mile at a time. 

Last weekend’s mile marker was Jason’s cousin’s wedding. For me, this wedding always seemed so far away since it was the second-to-last event before the big event. “There’s no way it’s ever going to be here because that means I’ll be ridiculously pregnant and almost ready to give birth,” is what always ran through my head. Well, it was here. And now it’s gone. How did that happen? The wedding was amazing, and it was so nice to see our Texas family one last time before Abby arrives. It was also very interesting because my body continually reminded me of my 9-month-pregnant status. I couldn’t do what everyone else was doing, which frustrated me. Something definitely changed between weeks 35 and 36. Between the late nights, loud music and miles of walking, I came home both nights and passed out like a baby. (Side note: I did rock heels for the first time in a long time, which I was proud of! And then I had the worst bout of sciatica I’ve ever had… ha! It was so worth it though.) 

The last big milestone is this Friday, May 4th, when my little sister graduates from nursing school at the University of Florida. Even though it’s happening this week, it still seems far away for some strange reason. Maybe I’m in denial. 

So, after this week, I’ll be running my final mile and finally allowing myself to look at week 40. I’ll get to meet my daughter. Everything has been leading up to this point. I can’t believe it’s almost here. 

Did you have little milestones throughout your pregnancy? What was the last one before your baby’s arrival?