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A Little Overboard

Ashley Fraxedas

25w1d- I may have gone a little overboard this weekend. But I had really innocent intentions. And that’s all that matters, right? 

It started out as a normal Saturday morning — Had a nice breakfast with my husband; watched a few man-dramas on ESPN about the impending Super Bowl. The usual. But then Jason had to go into work for a few hours, so I decided to be productive and do some much-needed and much-dreaded furniture shopping. With the baby coming, we had to seriously re-organize our closet situation. Long story short, we needed a new dresser, badly. And since Jason had to work on a beautiful Saturday morning, I figured it was only right that I suffer too. I loathe furniture shopping. 

After just a few hours, to my surprise, I actually found the perfect dresser. (Well, I hope. It arrives Wednesday.) On my way home, I just happened to pass Babies 'R' Us. What a wonderful coincidence! My baby shower is just 6 weeks away. I should probably start registering. 

I didn’t want to do any of the fun parts without Jason, so I decided just to pop in and fill out the paper work. But this is where it all goes wrong (or all right, depending on how you look at it). I walked through the baby girl clothes section for the first time as a pregnant woman. 

A few hundred dollars later, I have a new crib (it was the only one like it on clearance!), a baby Under Armour romper with matching sweat bands and socks (yes, she absolutely needs this), a little onesie that says, “Mommy loves me,” a polka-dot pajama outfit that says, “Daddy loves me,” and a ton of other lusciously adorable outfits. I really couldn’t help myself. And it seemed like every woman in that section shared my emotion. We were all walking through the aisles with ear-to-ear smiles, giggling and saying, “This is ridiculous. Someone stop me!” But no one stopped us. Not that they could have anyways.

It was a really cool day. If I’m having that much fun before the baby is even born, I can’t fathom how amazing it’s going to be when she’s here.

Oh, and I got to park in the VIP “Expectant Mothers” spot for the first time. It doesn’t get better than that.