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Loving Pregnancy

Kim Fox

23w3d- For 22 weeks, I didn’t think I was going to be able to say this, but here goes: I love being pregnant. And I should apologize now for the gushy blog entry below. I just can’t help myself today. 

I certainly don’t want to jinx it, but something changed in my body last week. All of the sudden, I feel good. I feel like myself. I have energy, my skin doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off and my sweet baby is moving around like crazy. (I’ve felt her kick since week 17, but now I constantly feel her move.) It’s the greatest feeling in the world, and I love sharing it with friends and family. I didn't think I'd like people touching my stomach, but I love it! A friend snapped this photo of my husband’s Grandma getting to feel the baby kick for the first time. I'm so thankful to have this memory in a photo.

 Another plus — Non-family members are finally starting to notice that I’m pregnant. My baby bump is finally obvious enough to where I’m not getting as many Is she pregnant or just letting herself go? awkward stares. I love having a belly! (It also had countless Home Depot employees tripping over themselves to help me. I’ve never had better customer service.) 

But the best part of being pregnant? Sharing such a special time with my family. The reaction from my family has been one of the biggest blessings of my pregnancy. I knew they’d be excited, loving and supportive. But it’s been way more than that. It’s sparked conversations that I’ve never had, prompted visits that wouldn’t have happened and just generally brought all of us closer. There’s a lyric to a song that really hit me this weekend: “People that I barely knew, They love me because I’m part of you.” Well said, Keith Urban. I’m feeling double the love right now. My family loves me and they already love our baby girl. And since I’m constantly holding our baby girl, I get double the love. Not too shabby.

Pregnancy can be very hard. But I hope this blog prompts you to stop and relish in the special moments of your pregnancy. It’s a long, 40-week roller coaster, but it really does fly by. Here are a few simple moments from my first 23 weeks that I’ll always cherish:

-       My husband running into the room as I scream, “She’s kicking! She’s kicking!” No matter how many times we’ve felt her kick, it always seems new and exciting. I don’t think it could ever get old. Each time, he puts his hand on my stomach and then we stare at each other. The second we feel the kick we start giggling and smiling. “Whoa! That was a big one! She has the strongest legs!”

-       My mom randomly saying in the car, “You know, the coolest thing is that I feel like this baby is part of me.” What a cool thing to hear. I’ll also always remember my mom not letting me lift a finger. She does everything for us, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

-       My dad talking to my stomach, saying, “This is your grandpa! We’ll see you soon! I can’t wait to play with you!” He’s taken to the grandpa title with ease and grace. I love that he thinks he can get the baby to kick for him if she just hears his voice. He’s actually been successful several times.

-       My sister constantly telling me how she can’t wait to be an aunt and how she’s going to spoil the baby rotten. Knowing that she’s going to be around to help makes me so happy and relieved.

-       My grandma telling my mom that she’s going to be an amazing grandma.

-       Uncle Rick’s kind words and amazing stories about his children growing up. His genuine tone of voice and look when he says, “I just can’t wait. You guys are going to be amazing parents,” is something I’ll always remember. I can’t wait to tailgate at Gator games with him and our little girl.

 Again, sorry for the gushy entry. There’s so much negative associated with pregnancy: morning sickness, scary tests, swollen everything, etc. We have to stop and take some time to realize the miracle happening in our bodies. Because holy cow, there’s a little girl growing inside me!

 What were your favorite moments of pregnancy? Was there a turning point where you started feeling really good?

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