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Now at the Plate: The Third Trimester

28w1d- I’m officially in my third trimester. Technically, I think it started last week some time, but I was trying to be patient. Much like the transition from first to second trimester, the third has come without much fanfare. But there are definitely a few defining characteristics.

At my doctor’s appointment this morning, I got seriously poked and prodded. Glucose testing, blood drawn and, surprise! a shot for having Rh negative blood. I know this isn’t even the start of what’s coming, just more of a, “Welcome to the more invasive third trimester” greeting. Don’t welcomes usually come with a complimentary glass of champagne? So far, every time I've gone to the doctor we just chat, fully clothed, about how I’m feeling. "No swelling yet. Just my stupid skin is a constant discomfort. I'm still having to use the steroid cream about once every three days. I'm eating like a cow. Does she have enough room in there?" Unfortunately, I feel this chatty time is dwindling. I was also surprised to hear my doctor say that he’ll now see me every two weeks instead of every four. For some reason, this makes me nervous.

I’ve also given up on sleeping through the night. I guess the baby is getting bigger (a great thing!) and putting pressure on different organs. You know, vital organs. I now wake up constantly and sometimes have a very hard time breathing while laying down – even when I’m on my side. Forget lying on my back. That luxury vanished weeks ago.

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been a complete home body. The thought of having to leave my house (and my pajamas) is overwhelming. This was a strange feeling for me, as I used to travel quite frequently, both for work and personal getaways. I’m not sure if it’s just being completely uncomfortable with my skin or having hormones take over. Whatever it is, it has already intensified in the third trimester. Now, even going to work or a doctor’s appointment makes me nervous. I want to be home, with my husband, wearing his oversized, ridiculously soft t-shirt and my Gap Body yoga pants. (My poor husband. I’m sure he gets tired of seeing me in this outfit! I promise I wash it constantly.) I’m starting to feel very confined. I miss my adventurous spirit!

But above all, now that I’m in the third trimester, I’m starting to see the end. I’m starting to relax and just take in what being pregnant feels like - the good, the bad and the very ugly. I’m going to get to hold my daughter in just about 12 weeks (or whenever she decides to come). These 12 weeks are going to fly by. I’m trying so hard to stay positive and do little things along the way to keep myself going. For so long (and I’m sorry to sound like a broken record) you get to be a little bit pregnant. You’re pregnant, for sure, but you’re only the bad part of pregnant. Now, I’m getting a huge belly (which my husband is obsessed with), I’m decorating the nursery, my showers are a few weeks away and, well, I’m just very pregnant. I can feel how big and strong she’s getting. I can now tell you her exact sleep schedule. In many ways, I can now focus on having a baby instead of being pregnant.

I know I’m just a few days into the third trimester, so inevitably, there’s much more to come. Emotions? Definitely heightening. Weight? Definitely gaining. Body? Definitely tired. But I have my eye on the prize. And the prize is my first child. I’ve never competed for such an honor.

What changed in the third trimester for you?