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Plus Or Minus Two

Jon Whittle

27w1d- A few weeks ago, at my 24-week appointment, the nurse said she was going to measure my stomach for the first time. I assumed this meant the circumference around my pregnant belly, but instead, she measured from the top of my uterus (right under my rib cage) to a little below my underwear line. Then, with a very high-pitched, sheepish voice, she said, “Ehh, You’re about 21. We’re looking for you to be plus or minus 2 c.m. from whatever week you’re in. So, since you’re 24 weeks, we want you to be between 22 and 26 c.m.”

 After some further research, I now know she was taking my fundal height, an imprecise glance to make sure the baby is steadily growing. If you’re too big or too small, they’ll opt for an unltrasound to make sure everything is going well. Luckily, the nurse said my measurement was on par, though on the small side. But she certainly didn’t ease my most recent concern: Shouldn’t I be bigger by now?

 I know some people will think I’m crazy for saying this. At first, everyone telling me, “You’re still so tiny! I’d never know you’re almost 7 months pregnant!” was a good thing. Maybe my body is just handling pregnancy well, I'd think. (Except, of course, for the ridiculously awful eczema.) But now, I’m getting a little worried. Is my daughter getting big enough?

 The nurse said I just have a long torso, but I know for a fact this isn’t true. Years ago, when a seamstress was altering my wedding dress, she had to take the torso part up inches to make it fit! She made sure I knew this was the case too.

 Every woman’s body handles pregnancy differently. I know this. But many women who are weeks behind me look much further along than me. I feel like I’m eating enough. More than enough. And I’m steadily gaining weight (about 12-13 pounds so far). But maybe I should be doing more

 Did you have a smaller-than-normal belly, but a healthy, normal-sized baby? I’d love (and appreciate) hearing your stories!