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Pregnancy Brain

Jon Whittle

36w3d- I never believed that there was such a thing as “pregnancy brain.” It seemed like just another pregnancy cop-out that women used to their advantage. But now, I’m not ashamed to admit — I definitely have “pregnancy brain.” I start telling a long story only to forget the purpose. I tell my friends the same things over and over. I leave clothes in the dryer for days. But I think there’s another side to pregnancy brain — I’ve become way more responsible. 

I attribute the forgetfulness part to just being plain distracted. Better to call it a stolen thought process than pregnancy brain. Think about it — If we’re standing next to one another talking, I have a human being kicking me from the inside. Wouldn’t you be a little distracted too? Admission: I’m constantly thinking about the baby. The little bugger makes it hard to think about anything else. “Santorum’s slow, or lack of, endorsement of Romney…” Hiiii-yah! Karate kick to the right hip. Wait, what was my thesis of that statement? So, yeah, I’m going to forget a few things. 

But the rise in responsibility? Well, I have a few theories. First, I realize in order to gracefully transition to life with a baby, I have a few precious weeks left to get my pre-baby life completely organized and simplified. I’ve found that unlike most women in my state, I’m not obsessing about every baby book every written and every available piece of baby equipment available on the market. That comes later for me. (Sticking with the guilty admission theme: I actually haven’t read a single baby book. Don’t judge me.) Of course, since I’m in extreme nesting mode, my house is getting most of my effort. We’re used to having that spare bedroom, herein called the nursery, as a catchall, so we have to get everything else in order so the nursery can be just that. So, we’re organizing our laundry closet so we have extra storage space, finding a new place for the extra linens, finishing landscaping the backyard, and I’m finally looking for furniture that we so desperately need in our master bedroom… To name just a few. 

Non-home improvements include setting up automatic payments for just about everything (cars, pest control, credit cards), renewing license tags, taking care of FMLA paper work, closing a bank account that I should have closed years ago, finishing thank you notes from my baby showers, cooking more… The list goes on. Things that used to hand over my head don’t seem so daunting all the sudden. I just get them done instead of worrying about them. 

I have a deadline, and that deadline is getting anything and everything done that I need to get done. After that deadline, all energy and effort turns to the baby. 

I’ve also come to the realization that my added responsibility is a meager attempt to fill a few voids. While I used to spend a lot of time at the gym, playing sports, running or at happy hour/social gatherings with friends, I now have some time to kill. I’m definitely getting the late-third-trimester exhaustion, but I also have some extra energy to expel that would normally have gone to physical activities.  

In the end, I guess it can all be awesomely blamed on the nesting instinct. I never thought I’d enjoy dusting shelves quite this much, but it feels so… productive? Now if only I could get my husband to put his cereal bowls in the dishwasher! 

Did you have pregnancy brain? Which kind did you have? The forgetful kind? The super responsible kind? Or both?