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Showers of Support

Ashley Fraxedas

32w1d- I’m overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from friends and family during my pregnancy. It’s one of those things — you know they’ll be there for you, but until you’re in the situation, you can’t imagine the extent. 

My first baby shower was March 18 and the second just two days ago, Saturday, March 24. The first was thrown by two women who have been a part of my husband’s life since he was in diapers. They had sons the same age as Jason, and didn’t flinch at the opportunity to throw me a shower. I felt so blessed that they loved us enough to offer their time, energy and home to put on such an event for us. People I don’t even know came to show their support of our first baby. I called it my more “traditional” shower and was completely overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. I practically needed a second car to bring all the gifts home. 

The second shower was very low-key and very much about me and my friends celebrating my pregnancy. We all laughed the entire time. It was hosted by three of my very best friends who were also in our wedding three years ago. In lieu of cheesy shower games, everyone decorated a white onsie for Abby, an activity I completely recommend! There was queso dip, amazing cupcakes, softball decorations… Everything was just so perfect. I even had one friend drive hours just to come hang out for a a few hours, and then had to turn around and drive all the way home! And again, I was completely taken by their generosity. We had so much fun. 

All of the amazing gifts made Abby’s room come alive. Jason, my mom and I unloaded everything, hung up the little outfits, put the sheets on the crib, washed the little towels, etc. It was an amazing feeling. If you need a car seat, that means you you’re having a baby… soon! If you are reading the instructions on a diaper genie, that means you’re going to have a baby… soon! 

The reality of being 8 months pregnant is definitely setting in. For some reason, having my showers behind me seems like a big deal. My friends tell me that pregnancy is making me soft. I disagreed for a while, but then yesterday I cried when a college basketball player fouled out of an Elite 8 game. What?! He looked so disappointed in himself! And he was a senior, so it was his last game! Yeah, I’m getting soft. Or something more drastic than soft. I've lasted 8 months without crying over silly things, but I think the floodgates are opening.

A huge THANK YOU to all my friends and family for making my showers so special. (Abby says ‘thank you’ too! And I'm definitely not crying as I'm typing this... ) Babies really can bring everyone closer together.

What was something that you’ll always remember from your shower?