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Sugar Woes

26w1d- With my glucose screening just a few weeks away, I’m starting to get a little nervous about my sugar intake. I’m definitely eating more sweets than normal. But how much is too much? No one will give me a definitive answer. I’m looking for, “You can have 1 cupcake, 1 cup of pink lemonade, 3 Dove dark chocolate hearts and a quarter cup of syrup on your pancake.” Instead, I’m getting, “Well, it really depends.” I like black and white!

I always thought I’d eat all organic, cook every night and watch every single morsel that went into my mouth during pregnancy. The reality? I’m eating whatever is put in front of me and relying on take-out quite a bit. My creative cooking juices are nonexistent by the time I get home from working 8 to 10 hours. (I think we should band together to pass a pre-maternity leave bill.) I used to head straight to the gym after work, run home to cook a well-balanced meal and then crash. Now, I barely make it through the front door at our home before tearing off uncomfortable clothes and jumping in bed to watch an endless supply of DVR’d How I Met Your Mother reruns.

To be sure, I’m still eating relatively healthy… most days. I’m making shakes with spinach, avocado and tons of fruit (I promise it's really good!). I have oatmeal every morning and try to eat more veggies throughout the day. But I can’t lie — I’m definitely being much more lenient with my diet than I thought I’d be. Will this glucose test slap me back to reality?

My nurse said that, for the most part, you’re either predisposed to have gestational diabetes or you’re not. But for some reason, this impending test is making me nervous. I’m trying really hard to not use my pregnancy as an excuse to let my healthy guard down… But… Are those double chocolate chip cookies? I’ll take 3! When you can’t have wine, take a hot bath or go for a run, can't a girl have some serious sweets? Hands off that cookies and cream ice cream. It’s all mine.

How did your glucose screening go? How much sugar did you eat during your pregnancy?

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