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We Painted the Nursery!

Ashley Fraxedas

32w5d- OK, Abby can come whenever she wants. The nursery is painted. 

There are many milestones throughout pregnancy — the first ultrasound, first time you feel the baby kick, telling your family you’re pregnant, announcing the name, having a shower and so on. But is there anything bigger than painting the nursery?! 

I’m kidding, of course. Well, kind of. Now that the nursery is painted and the crib is set up, Abby’s presence is undeniable. If my gigantic belly wasn’t enough of a constant reminder, now having a room dedicated to the baber in our little home definitely is. And we couldn’t love it any more. 

We made a little event out of it. My parents came over and spent the entire day helping us paint, arrange, clean up and just all-around prepare. Having my parents there to help Jason and me was just so fun. My dad’s comments were precious: “Grandpa loves you even before you’re here!” And my mom’s constant support keeps me going: “I’ll do that. You sit down. Let’s figure out how to adjust the car seat! What do you want for dinner? I washed the crib sheet in the baby soap earlier. Oh, I bought baby soap on sale today.” We even got really crazy and closed down Babies ‘R’ Us that night buying the stroller — Saturday nights have changed, just a little bit. 

Now that the room is almost finished, Jason and I spend a lot of time in there. We stand next to the crib, hovering where she’ll sleep one day soon and just dream of what it’s going to be like. We talk about the experience so far and try to take in the enormity of what’s happening in our lives. We realize that we’ll never be in this position again — anxiously awaiting our first child. We’re nervous. We’re emotional. But we’re just so excited. My favorite quote so far: “It’s crazy to love someone so much that you want there to be another person in the world just like them.” 

Did finishing your nursery feel like a huge milestone to you? Did you make a little event out of it?