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You're Stronger Than You Think

26w3d- Christopher Robin said it best: 

You are stronger than you seem;

Braver than you believe;

And smarter than you think. 

I’m hitting that point in pregnancy. You know, that point where you can finally see the finish line but it still seems so far away. You feel like you’ve been running forever. And you’re proud of the distance you’ve covered — almost two whole trimesters. But the last leg? It seems more daunting than the first two. 

This always happens to me. Whenever I’m almost done with something, I get really antsy. If vacation is a year away, I’m fine. But when it’s 3 weeks away, I’m grumpy. I was fine for 26 weeks 3 days. Now that I’m a few days away from my third trimester, I’m getting anxious. 

Like I’ve said, I really do love being pregnant. I love feeling her kick and grow. I love the extra love. But, today, right now, I’m ready to not have hives all over my body and wake up scratching myself until I bleed. I’m ready for the hormones to stop their attack and my eczema to chill out. And I know I still have a substantial time left. I’m sure this feeling — extreme excitement mixed with anticipation and nerves — is only going to get worse. 

But, boy do I feel strong. Every day, I prove to myself that I’m much stronger than I thought. If I start feeling badly for myself, I picture that sweet little girl growing inside me, and how blessed I am that I get to hold her. I think about how even though it seems like a long time, 40 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of life. And I think about how lucky I am to have the ability to be pregnant. I do breathing exercises and yoga to calm down. I pray. I listen to music, plan what I’m going to cook that weekend or throw myself into work. I do whatever it takes to rise above. 

Pregnancy is a challenge, but a challenge with the world’s greatest pay off at the end. I’m trying to plan little things over the next 13 weeks to keep me going. I’m looking forward to my baby shower, my husband’s birthday, my sister’s graduation and a possible babymoon. 

What did you do to get through the last trimester?