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Avoiding Maternity Pants

Before I was pregnant I secretly envied women in their cute maternity pants. Sure, I thought they were extremely weird looking with the huge stretchy blue band that eats up their belly, but I kept hearing about how comfortable they were. Plus, how cool are pants that are especially made for your state of being?

That theory has changed since I myself have become pregnant. At the beginning of my pregnancy, when my belly was still unnoticeable, I looked forward to the day that I wouldn't feel embarrassed shopping in a maternity store. But I didn't start showing, not really until about 22 weeks or so. By then I was more than half way through my pregnancy and since then I've started challenging myself to see how long I can go without maternity pants. I'm about two-thirds of the way there now, and I'm determined to make it through my pregnancy without buying a pair of maternity pants.

Call it a sick bet with myself. I'm not sure what it is. Part of me thinks it's my ultra-bargain-shopping self who doesn't want to spend money on clothes I'll only wear a few months. I mean honestly... I still have skirts from middle school.

I wear a size 4-long jeans. I've always had a somewhat slim figure and my tummy seems to be one of the only parts of my body that's swelling up so far. Oh yea, and my feet. Since most of my jeans and pants are fairly low rise and my Ladybug seems to be sitting high, there's no problem squeezing them on.



Occasionally I'm a little bloated so I wear a Bellaband over my unzipped pants, that's been a lifesaver when it comes to sticking to my "no maternity pants" plan. I also have several skirts with elastic waists.



There have been a couple of times where I've grabbed a random skirt or pair of pants that's not low rise and I'll tell you what... Those don't fit!

Sometimes I'm tempted to give in and join the scruntchy pants club, but other times I can see myself in the home stretch. Every pair of pants I save on it another little outfit for my little girl. That's one way to think of it.

I hear their comfortable and great, and that I wouldn't regret getting them. Part of me thinks if I'm going to get some I might as well now because if I need them when I'm even bigger later that'll be even less time to wear them. Hmmm, perhaps I'll give in and try them out. What do you think?

Where's the best place to shop for them?

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