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Baby on Board: Traveling While Pregnant

We attended a wedding a few weekends ago, and although I have a blood clot history, my doctor gave me clearance to travel. He told me not to miss a dose of blood thinners -- I give myself daily shots -- on the days I’d be traveling, and that it’d be smart to get up and walk around on the plane throughout the flight. Easy enough, right?

I lucked out on the flight to Washington, which was staffed by three male flight attendants who took one look at my basketball-belly and waived the ludicrous fee for the (questionable) entrées on board. On the flight back, however, I struck out -- the flight attendant did not appreciate my pacing up and down the aisle and doing a triangle pose beside my seat. She was not in the least bit sympathetic to my condition. Between two long flights, car rental coordination, socializing in Seattle, two six-hour drives, a wedding, and a raucous party, I was exhausted. I gave up on in-flight exercise and I paid $15 for a sad little salad and some crackers. And I got sick immediately after our trip. Pregnant women may be cleared for air travel, but…it might not be a pleasant experience.

It was a fun adventure nonetheless. We stayed with friends in Seattle upon arrival and explored a bit the following morning. I was smitten. Seattle is clean! The coffee is great! The neighborhoods are cool; regular people have houses, yards, and gardens, and yet it still feels urban! I was drinking the Kool Aid, for sure.

We then drove to a breathtaking area just past the Cascades, and spent two days attending wedding-related activities stocked with delicious food and a huge collection of friends from both the West coast and NYC. The ceremony was lovely, and the party was fantastic. We danced all night. I am a big believer in dancing while pregnant. I’m doing a lot of it. My baby’s doing a lot of it, too! (People also love watching pregnant ladies getting down on the dance floor. Why is that?)

So, yes, the travel itself was exhausting, and yes, I did get a head cold. No clots, but I did have a pregnancy-induced charlie horse that had me screaming for mercy in bed early that Sunday morning. I’m glad we went, but we decided that we’re going to stay home for the holidays -- no more travel ‘til this kid and I are physically separate people -- which sounds like just the ticket.

So, got any good pregnant travel stories? Was traveling while pregnant, for you, a breeze, or a nightmare? Do tell.