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Baby Bump

I'm still not really showing. It's been more than 4 months now, and I definitely don't look pregnant to the naked eye. Actually, that's not entirely true. My husband and I can see that my stomach is bigger (in fact, I really need to get new pants because most of mine won't button anymore without making me uncomfortable). But the rest of the world would have no idea I'm pregnant by looking at me in my clothes — unless I were a celebrity, in which case, discerning paparazzos would probably be able to tell that I have a bit of a "baby bump."

If, however, I lift up my shirt, you can tell something's going on under there. Check it out:

Here's me at 5 weeks pregnant (before anything changed):

baby bump

Here's me this past weekend (bare bellied):

pregnant belly

For now, I guess it's okay that I don't look super pregnant (except for the fact that I'm nowhere near being offered a seat on the train). It's better than looking really huge, I suppose. But I do kind of feel like I'm faking it or something — like a pregnancy poser, if you will. Just for the record: this is for real.