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Baby Care Prep With Lucy

As I count down the weeks to the big birth day, in addition to preparing for labor (more on our childbirth classes later), I'm also making sure to do lots of baby care prep by practicing my skills on our dog Lucy.

For example, I'm making sure Lucy sleeps on her back to reduce the risk of SIDS. (I swear she likes sleeping this way!)

Lucy on her back

I'm getting better at putting pink clothes on little limbs.

Lucy in pink

I'm anticipating how to deal with a teething baby by giving Lucy appropriate chew toys.

Lucy chewing on a bone

I'm making sure she gets lots of tummy time. (Doesn't she look happy about it?)

Lucy on her stomach

I'm getting used to holding her with one arm, so that my other arm can be free to multi-task.

Me and Lucy standing

I'm practicing classic baby "firsts." For instance, we brought Lucy to get her first photo with Santa. She didn't exactly tell him what she wanted for Christmas (which is okay because we don't celebrate Christmas), but we think she enjoyed it.

Lucy and Santa

We also made sure Lucy rang in the New Year in style. (But she wouldn't wear the New Year's hat.)

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year!