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Baby name update: Do you like "different" names?

With one month to go, time is kind of running out to come up with the perfect name for baby girl Ruddy. And, sadly, we’ve ruled out the few names we really liked. Charlotte is off the table as is Emily and the third name that we had toyed with that I didn’t want to mention last time is also out because, well, it’s too out there for us. Which brings me to today’s topic: Kooky, unique, non-traditional names.

In my own circle of friends the kids’ names run the unconventional gamut: Parker, Chase, Brody, Hawkins, Luca, Kellan, Tanner, Gus, Cecelia, Wyatt, etc., etc….They are all super cute and the names suit the kids but I just don’t think I can go there. Which is why the non-traditional name I loved -- Harper -- isn’t going to happen. Harper was my Grandma Del’s maiden name and she was an incredibly cool woman (a Radio City Rockette!) and we shared a birthday and she died two days before Alex was born (they would have loved each other). It would have been a neat way to honor her but it’s just not us. I’m still thinking of Adele (her first name) for a middle name though Nick has informed me that he hates it. Hmmm…

What do you guys think of non-traditional names? Did you have any you loved that you would have used if you had the, um, you-know-whats? The good news is that Nick and I have come up with a cute first name we really love but I can’t even speak it out loud in fear that I will grow tired of it before the baby gets here. Stay tuned though…we’ll all know soon enough!