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Baby room dilemma: How to make this boy’s room look more "girl"

With seven weeks to go, we are in full-on get-ready-for-baby mode. The main project: The nursery. We are planning to move Alex from his current bedroom, below, into the guest room (which we’re in the process of morphing into a little boy’s oasis) and the baby will get Alex’s old room.


Will the dark green curtains have to go?

As you can see, my decorating style is pretty minimal to begin with...


There are light green walls and white furniture already in place…a decent base for a baby girl’s room, right? Well, I have no idea where to go from there. And while I know I could just throw some pink stuff on the walls, I’m reluctant. I want a better plan. I also don't love pink. So I’m asking for help. How did you guys do your baby rooms? Any simple (and inexpensive) tips for making this feel more… girl? Let me know! And I’ll show pix of both new rooms as soon as they're done. Hopefully before the baby arrives!