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Baby Shower #1, and the Six Week Countdown!

The first of two baby showers was held on Sunday, in New Hampshire. It was hosted by some friends of my mom’s. We sipped cider and tea, ate little pretty things, and talked about babies and the like (and I got to open beautiful gifts, of course!).

The guests at the shower spanned a few generations, from eleven years old through sixty, I’m guessing. One family friend was unable to attend because her mother had suffered a minor stroke earlier in the day, and she was needed by her side. That call came in just after my mom and I had arrived, and just as our main host was showing us pictures of her own grandson, who was born just two days before. The party was cheerful and lively, but this moment in the beginning—and the broad range of women in attendance-- filled it, for me, with a reflective sense of the life cycle, of lives at their very beginnings, in their middles, and at their ends.


I’ve begun the six week countdown to my due date, and the time is crawling, but in the company of the women at the shower, I got a taste of how special and fleeting the place I’m in now is— on the brink of becoming a mother—but also of how this connects me to women, and families, everywhere. It feels like such an intense, personal experience, and yet people everywhere have experienced this themselves, and always have.


The entire weekend was sort of touched with this sense of the merging big picture and small picture. We stopped to visit my grandmother on our drive back to New York. She told us about how she and her husband used to party with their friends in the 50’s. (I’m talking sliding down the banister and dancing on the dining room table!)… And she told us a story about walking home once with a stroller full of two toddlers and groceries when it tipped over and spilled the groceries everywhere. Her babies (my uncles) thought it was hilarious, but she sat on the curb and cried. This image of a young mother in a ‘last straw’ kind of moment was easy for me to picture. And here she was now, 96 years old, smiling, doing her retirement home thing and about to welcome her first great-grandchild into the world.


The next shower is a week away, and is being hosted by our close friends here in Brooklyn. Our NYC friends will be there, and it’s co-ed, a brunch party. Aaron will be there with me. It’ll be a different scene, no doubt, but very special, as the people there will represent our immediate community, and our present life, as we enter this momentous new phase. Our lives are just a drop in the bucket of humanity, I know. I’m feeling grateful (and awe-struck) that they’re touched by the lives of so many others, both beginning, going strong, and winding up. I’m looking forward to welcoming my son into this colorful continuum.  


This is Aaron and me on Christmas Eve, welcoming our friends' new kittens into our collective family!(My belly is huge!)

Xmas Kittens


Did you have a baby shower? What was it like? How are you spending, or did you spend, the final six weeks or so before your baby arrived?


PS. Just saw this handmade baby shower gifts article here on Such cute stuff!