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Baby Shower #2: Lots of Pictures! (Plus: New 3D Ultrasound Shots)

My second baby shower was this past Sunday. It was a brunch party, complete with cupcakes and champagne. Our friends Brad and Heather (two of our hosts) put together a playlist of every song under the sun with the word ‘baby’ in it, and about twenty friends helped us celebrate; everyone talked and ate (and drank—of course I stuck to sparkling sodas and the like) and drummed up a dull roar. It was perfect.


Here I am pointing out my giant belly (like you could miss it?) like a gangsta:



And here we all are getting our celebration on:


group party 


Aaron got to be showered upon, too! He got lots of kisses:


Aaron kiss


Here is our friend Nora, and her son Eli (so cute). Eli’s three. He was very interested in the idea that I have a baby inside me. I encouraged him to talk to my belly and tell my boy to come on out and play!


Nora and Eli


We lingered, with a few other friends, into the evening, and watched the film “Knocked Up.” It was funny, but made me all the more impatient! I want to meet my baby! Gah!


Here is my baby, getting ready to meet me (this was a few weeks ago, even!):




Any resemblance? (I'm on the right):




How did you pass the time in the final month of pregnancy? Seriously, I’m impatient! What should I be doing now that I’ll be glad I did once I’m barely sleeping? What final preparations did you make?


I'm looking forward to sharing this final period of anticipation with you before my little man arrives. <3 <3