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Book recommendations: What are your favorite get-ready-for-baby books?

When I was pregnant with Alex I took childcare classes, breastfeeding classes, read books, logged onto every pregnancy website I could find and had those weekly e-mail updates coming at me from all directions. Needless to say, when he arrived I felt very prepared. This time around I have to remind myself that I’m even having a baby (in two months…yipes!)and I haven’t so much as cracked a pamphlet. Of course I know what I’m doing but I still want to freshen up on some of the rules and techniques—and any tips to help my baby be a better sleeper!

The two books I read before Alex was born (apart from What to Expect When You're Expecting…): The Happiest Baby on the Block, which my friend, Erica, gave me, and The Baby Whisperer, which my friend, Candy, gave me. I found them both enlightening and helpful but we wound up pretty much subscribing to the Baby Whisperer’s techniques for scheduling and sleeping (swaddling, putting the baby down awake, etc) and it paid off in a major way. Alex started sleeping through the night at seven weeks and we never had to let him cry it out once in his entire two plus years of life. You better believe I’ll be re-reading that one.

And I want to read more! Definitely one about helping your older child adjust when the new baby arrives and anything else you guys think would be useful. At the end of the day I know being a good mother isn’t something you can pick up in a book but I do think there are plenty of things you can learn. And keep learning, no matter how many kids you have. 

So, what books did you swear by? And what are you reading now?