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Can You Hear Me?

The other night while my husband and I were sitting on the couch, I mentioned that I read that the inner workings of the fetus's ears were formed and functioning, and it could hear now. I wasn't sure if that was true yet, but it was an exciting prospect anyway.

"Isn't that crazy?! Maybe it can hear us now. We can talk to it."

My husband promptly leaned down to my stomach and said, "Testing, testing. If you can hear me, tap three times."

"Ha, ha," I said.

"This is your father," he added, in a deep voice. "I am a very wise, kind man."

"Keep talking — the baby will get to know my voice because I'm always there, but you should definitely talk to it to make sure it knows your voice."

"Please don't cry too much — only as needed — and please let us sleep as much as possible," he added. "More instructions to follow shortly."