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Cancer and pregnancy: It's time for my blood test!

As those of you who’ve read my piece in the September issue know, I am currently off my life-saving cancer meds (I can’t take them while pregnant) and simply hoping that my disease -- chronic myelogenous leukemia -- doesn’t come back. The good news is that it shouldn’t. While I was pregnant with Alex, I had a blood test every four weeks and my cancer never made a peep. It was a miracle -- and one of the main reasons I decided to have another baby.

This pregnancy, I’m having my blood checked every six weeks and today is the big day. So far the tests have been coming back clean but each one brings new anxiety. What if this is the time the cancer shows up? What if my luck has run out? What if I have to start treatment again? Ugh. Usually I just push the worry to the back burner and focus on something else. Fortunately I have lots of deadlines and a rambunctious and demanding two year old to keep me busy (he woke up this morning saying, “Mommy, I awake, Come get me Mommy. I serious. I serious, Mom!”)

OK, I’m off to the lab in a little bit. Then I’m off to FedEx (I have to ship my blood overnight -- on ice -- to my main doc in Portland, Oregon…here’s how I wound up out there). I’ll keep you posted on the results. Wish me luck!