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Christmas Dilemma: Would you throw a holiday party when you're nine months pregnant?

OK, I know it’s September but bear with me. I’m currently obsessing about this and I need your help. Last year Nick and I threw the “first annual Ruddy Christmas Party” in, what was then, our new house.

Erin Zammett Ruddy
Some of the fun being had last year!

Well, ever since I got pregnant with baby number 2, I said we weren’t going to be having the second annual Ruddy Christmas party because it would be so close to my due date, which is January 12. But the more I think about it -- and the cooler the weather gets -- the more I have the bug to have a bash. And I kind of think it is doable. I did the math, and I’ll be 36 weeks when I want to schedule the party.

Last year we had about 60 people and passed hors d’oeuvres with servers and a bartender and all that, but this year I could keep it simple. And I won’t do any of the cooking or cleaning up afterward. (Sound good, Nick?) The thing is, I love the holidays and I love to throw parties and after years of living in a tiny NYC apartment I finally have the room to do them right. Of course, I also realize that I am incapable of doing anything small and simple and this could turn into another crazy bash -- last year the final stragglers left at 2:30 a.m. -- and I might overdo it.

Erin Zammett Ruddy
We turned Alex's playroom into the bar (see his chalkboard
paint and tree in the background?). Good parents, huh?

I need to make my decision soon because I have to get my friend working on the invites -- check out her amazing designs here. And I need to start planning (which, for me, is the most exciting part!).

So, should I have a Christmas party one month before my due date? Would you? Any experience with entertaining when you’re nine months preggers?

Oh, and have a great weekend!