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Coming Out of the Week-31 Funk

Been feeling awfully funky this last week, and not the good shake-your-booty kind. Starting to feel better though, as of yesterday. Perhaps 32 weeks will be kinder to me.

Am trying not to panic about all the things we should still do, we still have to do, with only eight weeks left on this journey. Nursery is still a shambles. Freshly painted, yes, but that’s it. Drop cloths and blue tape everywhere. Paint drips on the hardwood floor. Furniture still needs to be sanded and painted. And the closet is still full of my office supplies and junk. I think our glider chair is going to be delivered soon. I guess that will go in the dining room, with all the other baby stuff that’s just kind-of piling up.

We started our childbirth preparation class yesterday, so that’s something I can cross off the list. Phew! Still hoping to get in another class on infant care, and maybe CPR, and what about the breastfeeding class? Do we need that now or can I just learn it in the hospital? And then there’s the books we should be reading, or DVDs watching, about what to do with the baby when it gets here.

I guess I’ll need some nursing bras soon. And we should stock up on disposable diapers. And sign up for a cloth diaper service. And read a book on elimination communication.

And I still need to get a diaper changing pad, and a breast pump, and a co-sleeper bassinet, and more swaddling blankets, and extra sheets for the co-sleeper, crib, and pack-n-play, and organic mattresses and pads.

And we should probably unpack and put together the baby gear we do have. And I should cook and freeze some food.

And I need to find a portrait photographer to capture my belly properly before it's gone.

And I should start looking into childcare for when I am ready to go back to work sometime after the baby comes.

Yes, this is me, less worried.