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The countdown begins: Three months to go!

My due date is January 12, which means I have exactly three months to go before my family of three becomes a family of four. I am getting so excited—it’s just starting to feel real—but I am also getting…anxious. I know my life is going to change exponentially as it did when we had Alex, and I just want to be as prepared as possible. So I’ve started a “to do before baby arrives” list. Here’s what’s currently on it:


Set up the baby room. I never did this with Alex because we lived in a one-bedroom apartment so all he got was a corner. Now I’ve got a whole room to work with and I’m pumped to pick out some cute stuff for it. Pumped and overwhelmed, because I’m bad at making decisions. And I’m just not sure about the pink….


Buy baby girl clothes—at least some newborn stuff. Before I had Alex I had an epic baby shower so I pretty much never had to buy him a thing. This time around it’s up to me and I just don’t think I can pass off Alex’s old blue and green truck and dinosaur onesies as girl clothes.


Get Alex potty trained. We’ve been working on it with limited (OK, zero) success. Seems the fewer diapers we have to change the better, no?


Clean out all closets, cabinets and drawers. We’ve only been in our house for two years but I feel the need to reorganize before more chaos ensues.


Build a website for my freelance work. Been meaning to do this for a while now.


See lots of movies. Or even just one would do. Couples Retreat, maybe?


Have a weekend getaway with Nick. Or by myself. I’d take either one at this point….


OK, anything I'm missing? What was on your list? Think I can accomplish everything in time?!