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The countdown begins: Were your babies early, late, or right on time?

I am officially 37 weeks pregnant, which means only three more weeks until baby number two arrives. Of course it could be sooner…or it could be later. That’s just another one of the joys of non-C-section childbirth—you never quite know when it’s coming!


With Alex I went into labor exactly on my due date and delivered him 12.5 hours later (it was a looooong and painful night—more on that later…). But your experience with your first doesn’t really have any bearing on your second, does it? Two of my closest friends recently had second and third babies and both were super late—like almost two weeks late. Yipes! At the same time I know plenty of people who have gone into labor two weeks early. Double yipes!


I am so not ready to give birth next week. I still haven’t finished the baby’s room or, more importantly, picked a name. That said, I am a firm believer in letting a baby come when he/she is ready. I absolutely do not want to be induced unless it’s a necessity for the baby’s health and I will do whatever I can to remain calm if she comes early and patient if she comes late.


Still, I’m curious…were your babies born on their due dates? Early? Late? What about second babies? I would love to have some indication of when this is all going to go down!