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Crib Bumpers: Do or Don't?

Warning: You're about to witness some of the cutest baby bedding you have ever seen. You may suffer from shock as you soak in the adorableness of it all. It was the biggest baby investment... Umm, did I just admit that? Ok I did... Yes, it was my biggest nursery investment. I won her crib, and a really nice electric breastpump, and her mattress. Her car seats came from our moms and I got her diaper changer/dresser combo off Craigslist so... I decided to splurge a little on some custom bedding.




I've been initiated into the world of "mommyhood" and with it comes constant disagreements and debates about every little parenting decision.




I know some people are probably looking at these pictures and thinking "TAKE THOSE BUMPERS OUT RIGHT NOW!" There's apparently an ongoing debate about bumpers. Some say they cause SIDS, and others say they keep your baby from bumping their little heads on the side rails. Some also say your baby can move over to them and suffocate.




None of those sound like ideal situations. I know the exact cause of SIDS hasn't been determined, but one of the issues brought up has been "recirculation of air." If your baby gets too close to the bumpers they may be breathing in the same air and not get enough oxygen.

One of my friend's babies liked to scoot over toward the bumpers and get underneath them. She took them off for a little while but then replaced them once he got a little older. That of course is not something that would be fun to wake up and notice, but at the same time, I wonder if a baby can scoot over to the bumper, can't they scoot away?

One of my friends does an "on/off" approach with them. She uses them when they're small, then takes them off when they start moving around, then puts them on again when they can bump their heads, then takes them off when they try to use them to climb out of the crib.

I'll admit, I mostly like them for looks, but looks obviously won't outweigh the risk if there is a big risk. Back in the day bumpers were great for when crib slats were so wide a baby's head could get stuck in the middle, now they're not that wide so that’s not an issue.

From people who use bumpers I've read it's nice because if the baby starts to stir a little she may not wake up from seeing you/ things in the room, and she'll go back to sleep. It also makes parents feel better about their baby's feet/hands/toys not slipping between the bars.

Is it perhaps something that isn't a big deal either way? Shouldn’t bumpers be recalled if they're dangerous? Or is it just another one of those controversies moms will continue to debate about until the end of time.

Did you use crib bumpers? I'd love to hear if you did or didn’t and why or why not!

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