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Did you experience false labor?

Last night I had mild contractions every 10-15 minutes. They weren’t super painful but it was enough to wake me out of any sleep I was able to find. And they lasted the entire night. I didn’t care because I was excited thinking I might be having the baby today. But then they stopped this morning and now I feel fine (albeit exhausted). I’m hoping they pick back up at some point but I also know that some women experience false labor or Braxton hicks and the big day could still be days—even a week—away. I didn’t have any false labor with Alex. Once I started feeling contractions they went on and off all day and then got super strong at night and I delivered him the following morning (it was a long, sleepless ordeal). So I’m inclined to think that my baby could be coming soon. But I really don’t want to get ahead of myself and get too excited in case I’m still sitting here big and pregnant on Friday.


So, did you guys have false labor? What was it like? Did your actual labor start slow and sporadic?


PS, I spoke to my head doctor about the induction and she said I absolutely do not have to do that. There is no medical reason to rush the baby out so we’re going to let nature take its course…hopefully it will be taking that course soon! Stay tuned….