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Did You Have That Baby Yet?

The #1 most common question I get asked went from "What kind of pregnancy cravings are you having?" to "When are you due?" To finally, most commonly "Have you had that baby yet?" No, my friends, I have not. Sadly, I wish I had. And no, I didn't have my daughter and replace my pregnant belly with a basketball under my shirt just to keep you guessing. All an elaborate hoax so I could return to work and leave my baby at home. I'm actually still pregnant.

I'm not sure why this is such a shocker, especially since my due date isn't even until Friday. Could they really be as impatient as I am? Is that possible? I guess so.

Now I spend my days wondering if every strange ache in my belly is a contraction and attempting to time one abnormal pang after another.

At home I'm usually not this bored. I'll find something to do to occupy my time, or sleep off my boredom. But when I'm at work, I'm praying for a way out. Wondering if today is THE DAY my maternity leave will finally start. Twelve weeks of freedom--or so I say that now. I'm sure I'll be prisoner to a whole different set of guidelines and tasks very soon. I sort of just feel like dead weight. I do my work from day to day but we are all just waiting, watching my stomach and wondering when the little being inside will decide to emerge--making her grand entrance into the world and taking me away from mine (as I know it) for three months.

There's another woman I work with who's pregnant, due just a week after me. She's had a couple of false alarms with her baby coming. Every time I secretly hope maybe her contractions are contagious, I'll get them too and go into labor any second.

At last check, a week ago I was almost two centimeters dilated and 20% effaced. I've been taking evening primrose oil a few nights in hopes to help my cervix thin out more, I guess I'll find out at my next appointment if it's helped any. I lost my mucus plug, which sadly I learned basically means nothing. And I've had a few scares thinking my water has broke, when in fact it's been either more plug or slight leakage from my bladder. So classy, I know. I've also had a couple of nights of some mild, yet consistent contractions. I have thought once, "Maybe this is it!!" But I went to sleep on it and woke up to a big fat nothing.

I'm fine being pregnant and all. Especially when I'm distracted with fun things to do. It's just hard wondering when this little ticking time bomb is going to go off and flip my world upside down. For whatever reason, it seems as though everyone else in the world is wondering the same thing. Until I find out myself, when I get asked the infamous question, I'll just sent them to my new favorite website and smile as they get their answer:

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