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Disney World: Would you take a two year old?

I’m off to Florida today for a much-needed mini-vacation—we’re going to my parents’ place so it will be low-key but still just what the doctor ordered. There will be lots of golfing and swimming and sunshine but we’re also considering a day trip to Disney. I’m thinking I will be able to brave the chaos and the heat for Alex’s benefit. And Nick’s, too. He’s never been to Disney World and I really want him to experience it. We figured taking the plunge before baby number two comes might be a good idea.


But, of course, Alex is a handful and does not like to sit still (I’ll have to seriously consider one of those leash things…) and he’s allergic to everything, which makes eating on the go—or in a theme park—a nightmare. And I’m not an amusement park person at all. I hate crowds and lines and rollercoasters and I really hate paying $6 for a bottle of water (I don’t even want to know what admission will cost).


But Disney is…different. I grew up going to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot and LOVING It. My grandmother lived in Boca Raton and every February break we’d visit her and every other year, we’d go to Disney World for part of that time. It truly is a magical place. Some of my best childhood memories involve It’s a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean and I just know Alex would freak out with excitement to see Mickey and Pooh (and, OMG, Handy Manny!) walking around. He knows all the characters by name and is not shy—or scared of anything—so I don’t think the experience would be lost on him at all. And we’re talking one day….


Have you taken your kids to Disney or any other crazy theme parks? How did you make out? Think I’m nuts to take Alex? I’ll be checking in from vacay so stay tuned….