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Do you offer pregnant women your seat on the train? Should you or is it too risky?

I was just on facebook and one of my friends had the following as her status:

just got shamed for not offering a pregnant woman a seat on the train (by said pregnant woman). it looked like a gut. wouldn't it have been more offensive if i offered it and she wasn't pregnant?

As someone who is currently pregnant (and someone who has been asked if I was pregnant when I was not), I think my friend did the right thing. Way worse to offend a woman who just ate a big breakfast and is not, in fact, knocked up. Of course I have been super pregnant on an NYC subway and not offered a seat and that kinda sucks. I blogged about the experience on life with cancer (the post was picked up on Jezebel where they said white men are the least likely to give up seats for pregnant women…. interesting, huh?)

So, how about you? Did people offer you seats when you were pregnant? Does it piss you off when they don’t? Do you always offer pregnant women a seat?

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