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Dress That Bump! (And back away from the MuuMuu)

Figuring out what to wear through the physical changes of pregnancy has been a fun challenge, and was not something I considered before actually contending with it. From the near-immediate thickening around my waistline to this past week or two during which my bump has gone from noticeable to “HUGE” (that quote’s courtesy of my mom), I’ve tried to implement some creativity to look put-together and keep myself physically comfortable -- I’ve shelved my pumps for now and am rocking kitten heels and flats -- without spending a ton of cash on a whole new wardrobe I’ll never wear again. Plus, let’s be honest: maternity clothes, however cute, are not exactly exciting.

I’d already bought my wedding dress when I found out I was pregnant. I was definitely concerned it wouldn’t fit on the big day, and that I’d end up walking down the aisle in stretch pants or a muumuu. I did have to get the dress taken out a bit (hello, instant boob job), and although my belly was just beginning to pooch, it looked more like gas at that point than a baby in the making; I walked down the aisle in style, albeit with a little extra glow.

Though far from my usual look (tight jeans, pencil skirts), I embraced the summer’s bohemian dress trend and spent the warmer months and much of the fall in a brightly colored, empire-waist dress from Target, topped with a cardigan for work. I alternated this getup with some black yoga pants and loose-fitting tops. It was basically a three-outfit rotation, but it did the job.

I finally bit the bullet at four and a half months and bought some real maternity corduroys and a couple of maternity t-shirts from H&M (good stuff there, FYI), as well as some black leggings and long shirts. I’m still going strong on these items now. I also bought a Pea in a Pod dress second-hand (only $20!) at a shop here in Brooklyn (Still Hip Brooklyn) for the wedding I recently attended; I love it and have been wearing it all the time, dressed up and down. 

6 Month Belly
That's me wearing the all-the-time dress at an art opening
this past weekend, with my husband Aaron.

As I said, my belly’s really ballooned recently, and I’m not due until mid-February! I’m starting to wonder if I’ll land in muumuus after all.

How does winter maternity wear work? What have you been wearing, and what have your style-survival strategies been? Come on now, give ‘em up!