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Early Days

I still can't believe I'm pregnant. (I know I said that before, but it's true.) I don't look pregnant, that's for sure. But my boobs do feel really sore — which I actually like, because it's my one physical confirmation so far that this is real. But even that isn't enough sometimes to convince me that this is happening. So, I actually took another pregnancy test — just to make sure AGAIN. I love seeing that pregnancy result. From now on, I think I should just take a pregnancy test to cheer myself up on days I'm in a bad mood.

But I have to say that I'm a little confused about what week I'm in. It's so weird how the doctors and the books start your pregnancy from the first day of your last period (when I KNOW I wasn't pregnant). So it seems that all of a sudden I'm four weeks pregnant and I somehow missed the first two weeks! And I was paying attention!

This time lapse makes it a little harder to follow exactly what's happening with the embryo on certain days because I'm never sure if the book or website I'm reading is talking about the embryo based on how old it is really or how old it is counting the fake first two weeks of pregnancy. Why do doctors have to make this so confusing?

Either way, I have figured out a few things about the baby so far:

*S/he is supposed to arrive between March 13 and March 20 (that's based on multiple online due date calendars).

*S/he will be a Pisces if she arrives on time. (I'm not even really into astrology, but I'm dying to know as much about this baby as possible, so I looked it up.)

*Based on this sign, s/he may be imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, selfless, unworldly, intuitive, and sympathetic. Lovely! And no, I'm not going to investigate Pisces' not-so-good traits now because...why tarnish it? This pure, new life couldn't possibly have a bad trait yet.