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Easy Bake Baby: A Sneak Peek at My Little Man

A lot of my posts have been about the challenges and concerns that pregnancy brings up -- from wondering what to wear to how I’ll keep working after the baby arrives, there are definitely a lot of unknowns, and even scary moments, that come up during the nine months it takes to grow a person. That being said, this is also an incredibly exciting time. My belly is like a beach ball, and I can now feel (and see!) my baby’s kicks, hiccups, and beyond. For a long time during mid-pregnancy, my body certainly felt and looked like it was changing, but now I am extremely aware of my baby’s body as separate from my own. He is his own little person. I can’t wait to meet him.

My doctor’s office is a high-risk practice, so they’re decked out with all of the latest technological accoutrements, including those fun 3-D ultrasound machines. My baby has covered his face with his hands, or been squashed up against the wall of his ‘bubble’, during the past few visits, so we’ve been unable to get a good head shot…until now! These pictures were taken on Monday; we caught him sleeping peacefully, snapped a few images, and then poked him a bit to get him kicking.

Baby Newman 

My parents can’t make head nor tails of these images…which I find funny. These are just renderings, of course, so they’re not crystal clear (he looks a bit squishy), but it’s so fun for my husband and me to get a little peek at our baby as he finishes baking. It’ll be fascinating to see what he looks like in person, and as he grows.

What do you remember most from the final stretch of pregnancy? How did you contain/channel your excitement (maybe the return of fatigue is helpful in this respect)? What, for you, defined (or defines) the third trimester most?