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Embarrassing confession: I will be seeing New Moon this weekend (and I can’t freakin’ wait!)

Yes, I’m 31 years old, yes I’m a mom, yes I’m pregnant with number two and yes, I love Edward Cullen. There, I said it. I recently read the Twilight series and devoured every page. I have watched Twilight a million times and can’t get enough. So this weekend I will be joining hundreds of tweens and packing into a crowded theater to watch my favorite vampires (and the hot new werewolves) do their thing.


Just wanted to see if anyone else out there is with me. And if we should, in fact, be a little embarrassed. I will say that while I love the books and movie, I am not interested one bit in the actors and certainly don’t care about their love lives.  And it's not like I have a poster of Robert Pattinson in my room or anything. So maybe that makes me a little less pathetic?


Of course this does make me wonder what I’m going to do when I have a teenage girl and we’re watching the same TV shows?! Or will I outgrow my Gossip Girl habit by then?


Got any other embarrassing confessions? Share them!!!