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Fall cleaning: Do you throw away other people's baby photos?

I’m doing some organizing—I’m in a back-to-school mode, despite the fact that I haven’t been in school in almost 10 years—and that means trashing a lot of stuff I don’t need. I have a huge bulletin board above my desk and it’s littered with old invites, expired library program calendars and…baby announcements. That means there are also a ton of those little two-inch-by two-inch photos of teeny, tiny babies floating around. 

I have to be honest, I can barely tell who they are at this point. They all look like scrunchy newborns—I actually went to one of these scrunchy newborn’s first birthday parties recently. So, it seems like it’s OK to throw out her photo, no? But in general the whole concepts feels a little…wrong. 

What do you do once your friends’ baby photos have been appreciated for the appropriate amount of time? Would you take offense if someone trashed your baby’s pic? Hmmm, would I take offense if someone threw Alex out?! Or the soon-to-be scrunchy newborn of my own? Let’s discuss….