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Feeling Kicky

Kick kick kick kick...punch. Rest. Kick kick kick.

It's like a one-baby aerobics class in here. And all the action seems to be located just at the point where my lower belly meets my panty line.

The other pregnant ladies in my moms-to-be group, who are all farther along than me, agreed — that's where you feel it first.

I'm glad it finally feels like movement, and not gas bubbles. And I'm glad he's moving a lot. That's supposed to be good...I think.

The other good news I have to report is that yesterday, on the eve of turning 22 weeks pregnant, I finally had an ENERGETIC day.

"Energetic" deserves capital letters because so far, the  oh-it-gets-better-in-the-second-trimester thing had not been true for me. Mostly I've been still tired. Wondering if I'd ever feel like a can-do gal again.

Well, Wednesday, July 25th, I can-did.

Work calls made in the morning, important papers filled out and mailed, hour-long-drive to 1-1/2 hour work session — done! Afternoon meetings, also met with aplomb.

Speaking of important papers, for the three or four other pregnant and self-employed people out there in the world besides me: Please, look into State Disability Insurance. I found out recently that I am eligible for elective coverage, and that after I give birth I would be eligible to collect for six or eight weeks, depending on if the birth is vaginal or cesarean. Unfortunately, I should have signed up for the coverage a few months earlier as, in California, you have to contribute for six months before you can collect, and I'm already five months along...

My due date is December 3. My eligibility begins January 1. I'm probably the only mom on earth hoping my baby comes late, not early.

But the good news is that after he comes — whenever that is — I'll be eligible for Paid Family Leave. So, if you are reading this, and you are self-employed, please check the Employment Development Department website in your area for information about similar programs that might be available to you.

And please share any information you find about your home state's programs in the comments section below. Thank you!

(End of Public Service Blog Post)