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Five weeks to go: What should I do to have a little fun before baby?

Nick and I have decided not to go away for any kind of “babymoon” before baby number two arrives. We’d rather spend the money on stuff for the house (we’re in an upgrading mode right now) and, with the holidays, there are just no weekends that would work. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have some “me time” before I become a mother of two and don’t have any time, period. I’m thinking movies, dinners out, maybe a spa treatment.


Problem is, in the next five weeks I also have all the craziness of the holidays—parties (I’m hosting one next weekend for 60 people!), shopping, decorating, sending out Christmas cards—and, of course, getting ready for baby. Like, I should probably buy some diapers at some point. In other words, I need to be pretty selective with my fun. And I also need to schedule these things so they actually happen. Something tells me I won’t regret relaxing a little right now! So, tell me, what did you do—the fun stuff—in the weeks leading up to your due date? What would you recommend? Seen any good movies lately?